April Daily 10am - 4pm
May-August Daily 10am - 6pm
September Daily 10am - 4pm

We always welcome pre-ordered groups, even outside normal openings hours and normal tourist season.
The cottages are fully equipped and open between May 1st and September 30th. 
16 aug Tå Dan
22 aug Cykelfest
22 aug Museirallyt
25 sep Kostnatten
26 sep Konstnatten
27 sep Konstnatten
24 okt Höststädning
7 nov Dartmästerskap


The area around the nearby town of Falköping, which is known as Falbygden, is rich in prehistoric remains from the Stone Age and before. Civilisation in this area was advanced at a very early stage. The red dots on the map represent ancient monuments and four other remarkable finds made in the settlement of Åsle and its immediate vicinity.