April Ons-Sön 10-16
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September Ons-Sön 10-16
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ordinarie öppettider.
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Have you ever visited an ancient peat bog? Åsle Bog provides clear evidence that peat was extracted by the residents of Åsle over the course of the centuries.

Now you can hike on one of the excellent trails over the bog (3 km or 4.5 km). Here you'll discover a different kind of nature, at the bottom of the ancient Åsle Glacial Lake. Along the trail are a number of information boards which tell the story of the medieval mitten ”Åslevanten”, the beavers of the Slafsan River, peat extraction, road building, the sinking of the bog and, last but not least, the Battle of Åsle, which took place here at the end of the 14th century.