April Ons-Sön 10-16
Maj-Augusti Alla dagar 10-18
September Ons-Sön 10-16
Vi tar emot förbeställda grupper även utanför
ordinarie öppettider.
Stugorna är fullt iordningsställda från April tom September.


Legend has it that there is a huge cave deep inside Ålleberg Mountain where the Knights of Ålleberg are lying in wait to march forth and save their country. The last time they were seen is thought to have been at the Battle of Åsle in 1389, when twelve knights in golden suits of armour fought with Queen Margaret's army.

It is said that the entrance to the mountain cave is hard to find. Once, a farmer was taking a load of grain to the market in Falköping. At the foot of Ållebergs Änne mountain he met a stranger who asked him if he could buy his load. The farmer went with the stranger and they ended up in the mountain cave where the knights lay sleeping, fully clothed and ready for battle. The farmer bumped into a bridle, which made a noise. The knights woke up and wondered if was time to take up arms. The man who had bought the load reassured them that they could sleep soundly on.

In the middle of the Jönköping roundabout on the outskirts of Falköping stands a lost knight looking towards Ålleberg Mountain, hoping perhaps to find the entrance to the mountain cave.