April Ons-Sön 10-16
Maj-Augusti Alla dagar 10-18
September Ons-Sön 10-16
Vi tar emot förbeställda grupper även utanför
ordinarie öppettider.
Stugorna är fullt iordningsställda från April tom September.

Welcome to the 18th and 19th centuries!

The ancient agricultural settlements and the characteristic plateau landscape open up before your very eyes. Below Ålleberg and Karleby the Falköping area sinks into a gentle valley known as the Åsle Basin. That’s where you’ll find Åsle Tå, Sweden’s largest collection of cottages and a unique historical environment from the 18th and 19th centuries. The cottages are in their original locations along the gently winding lane known as Tågatan and by the Kolaforsen stream. 

Here you can stroll through ancient natural surroundings. Step inside and experience the authentic interiors and handicraft environments, which are brought to life by life-size figures portraying a number of the original inhabitants of the Tå. Read the fascinating tales of the Tå’s strong personalities and the hardship they suffered.

And don’t forget to visit the smithy, the mill, the post-and-plank barn, the storehouse, the agricultural museum and the information shed. 

Åsle Tå is a unique museum environment that brings the poverty that Sweden once suffered to life.

We look forward to seeing you!